Saturday, 16 April 2016

Candy coloured photo tutorial

I love having lots of photographs of family and friends up around the house. I like adapting them so that they look like cool pieces of art. I wanted to see if there was an easy way to make my images candy coloured without searching for the perfect background, shop for specific outifts and then still have to mess with the photograph afterwards. Guess what, there is. Hurray!

Here's how to do it....

I use GIMP (free to download software), which normally does everything I need it to. 

First select your image and make the background white. I do this by simply using a white paintbrush and paint over the background.

Then bucket fill the background, in a pale colour. You are going to alter the colour so it doesn't matter too much what colour.

You then need to click Color > Colorize.

It will bring up a box and if you drag the hue bar until you have found a colour that you like. 

You then need to click Colors > Posterize. You can drag the bar to alter how the image looks. Then click ok and voila your very own candy coloured artwork. 

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